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General Help & Advice

A well planned cargo is half the battle won. It is essential to prepare for cargo well in advance. This will smooth the process and roll out the red carpet for a hassle free cargo delivery to your desired destination.

Here are some key points for you to consider while planning a cargo delivery.

First and foremost, start taking measures 4 weeks before or at least 2 weeks in advance.



The cargo has to pass through various junctions in its transit. So ensure the packing of your goods is sturdy enough to bear jerks while on the go. We recommend using double walled cardboard boxes, shrink wraps, polystyrene cubes, bubble wraps, etc. to pack your belongings.


Chargeable Weight

When sending goods by air cargo, the chargeable weight is determined either on the volume-weight or the actual weight whichever is higher. So while you pack make certain you dump articles in a box matching the volume weight of the box. So that you pay as per the weight you are carrying. But in some exception commodities like a cushion, quilt, etc., you will be charged on volume as these goods are bulky in nature and light in weight.


Accuracy of Details

Another most important aspect for smooth and hassle-less transit of goods is the accuracy of the details. So it is essential for you to jot down each and every detail in relation to cargo precisely. If you wish to use our collection service, please ensure every collection detail such as address, contact person, telephone number, is accurate. Mention additional information such as the doorbell is not working (in case it is not), availability of parking space, etc. Furthermore, prepare a box-wise list of content it will help you as well the destination custom officers and swift the clearance process.



It is our endeavor to make every cargo delivery trouble-less, and we advice to make the arrangements of appropriate documents needed for clearance in destination. To clear excess baggage general documents required are travel ticket, passport or travel document, the HAWB (which we will provide), the DO—Delivery Order (which the passenger needs to obtain from the airlines or its agent at destination).

In case of commercial shipment documents will differ as per the nature of goods.

For further details you can always get in touch with us at 020 3289 7868.

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