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Regal Cargo – Air Cargo | Excess Baggage | Air Freight

Regal Cargo – Air Cargo | Excess Baggage | Air Freight

Not so long ago, perhaps a century before, there was a time, where the world made use of  Horse-driven Fargons, Jaunting cars, and the Dormouse to haul their belongings inter-cities and across nations.

Evidently, the century old civilization rolled through the ruts of their ancestors, who in their times trained pigeons to carry letters; Duke and Duchess retained foot messengers in their court as delivery men.

Also, crews of jockeys pleased their highness’s by riding speedy horses to hand out important messages or parcels at punctual.

That was a practice in the human history.

In the modern times you have Regal Cargo.

With a worldwide spread-out, from every calm hamlet in the UK to just about every scowling city in the world; Regal Cargo has a reach beyond the boundaries!

Regal Cargo Send Cargo from UK to All Over the World

So if it’s your Air Cargo you would want to send to America, Asia, Africa, Australia, or your Excess Baggage to any customs affiliated airport around the Middle East and Far East, or be it a commercial consignment you aim pass through to your customer by means of Air Freight, do call us.

We will make your delivery venture a prompt and a splendid experience. Always!

Banking on our years of experience in the Air Freight Industry, we vow a safe, speedy and secure delivery every time. An extensive network of logistics experts and partnership with the top carriers in the market are our greatest assets.

With a proficient set-up in more than 220 countries globally, we have more than 27 receiving centers all-across the UK, for Air Cargo. That’s not all; we allow patrons to book an optional pick-up, if they are unable to drop their cargo.

At Regal Cargo, our courteous team of professionals is ready to serve you always. It acts as a personal guide to meet the custom needs of the clients, help them to overcome all the vulnerabilities with formalities, responds to their queries and make every delivery a serene experience.

Do give us a ring if you need something to be transported to any corner of the world from the UK.

While we know our business inside-out, we reach globally and deliver nobly.

Regal Cargo, Royalty Delivered.

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