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A complete logistics solution provider; is the term that defines Regal Cargo. The company came into being in the summers of 2009. Since then we have seen many successful years, majorly owing to our practical spectacle vision for the industry and its clients.

Located in the UK, Regal Cargo has its presences all over the world. It widens our reach, and lays the foundation for robust service. Not to forget our network of receiving hubs near international custom airports all over the UK. Hence the setup enables us to transfer virtually anything from UK to any location in the world. And we do it at low rates.

We have clientele bases of all kinds. Pleasurably, we make happy businesses by exporting their goods to their customers across the world. We serve large firms and small vendors alike, we design a customize cargo solution for them, as per their aspiration.

Ranging from white goods, to machinery parts, to garments, to tools, to pharmacy products we transport everything. You name it; we will send it for you to your desired destination.

We are always concerned for every delivery, we make. So, if you have any specific goods to be sent which has a special requirement, we can do that too, under the appropriate guidelines of the authorities, and with the precise documents provided by the clients.

Regal Cargo has versatile Air freight packages that cater solutions to travelers to carry their extra belongings to any country they intend to travel from the UK.

A top class customer experience is what Regal Cargo has sought to achieve always. We make it possible with a unique combination of technology and excellent customer support.

We’ve built a bench of experienced and vibrant individuals who lend their expertise to every client they come across. They’re amiable and work as your guiding path throughout the process to ensure your delivery with Regal Cargo is a peace of mind venture.

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