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Air Freight to Zambia from UK | Cargo Delivery | Excess Baggage to Zambia from UK

Air Cargo to Zambia, is a prominent need for the land lock African nation. It has seen a rapid economic growth in the last decade, and is Africa’s second largest copper producer after the Republic of Congo.

Once a colony to British, Zambia has come a long way after it achieved its independence in the 6 th decade of the 20 th century. The country has managed to create a business bridge with the UK, which enabled traders of all sorts to export their goods from UK to Zambia.

With a comprehensive logistics network in Zambia, Regal Cargo makes sure your every business order is delivered with minimum action and maximum ease. We help traders all over the UK shipment to Zambia a variety of products, at reasonable rates with our cheap air cargo to Zambia.

We continue to negotiate better prices with the carriers. And with our business bond of years’ with them, and regularity in volume business makes us an apt candidate to have the economic rates. Thus, we offer our clients cheap rates to Zambia from UK.

A number of British expats are posted in Zambia, precisely to work on the copper belt of the country.

Regal Cargo Send Excess Baggage to Zambia from UK

We at Regal Cargo help these employees to carry their excess baggage to Zambia from UK. In the same manner, we aid tourists, and the Zambian community based in the UK to transfer their belongings by excess baggage to Zambia at their homecoming.

If you have a family, friend or someone special in Zambia who needs goods to be delivered to them, we will do it for you.

At the heart of our service are swiftness, reliability and economy. Arranging shipment to Zambia is simple with us. And our superb support team makes it a cake walk. The team consists of experienced professionals, who are vibrant, polite. And take you through each and every step of your cargo to Zambia in detail. In short, they will work and customize your air freight to Zambia as per your requirement.

If you want to know more, please ring us on 020 3289 7868.

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Cargo to Zambia from UK

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cheap air cargo to Zambia from UK

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