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Regal Cargo is your one stop solution for Air Cargo to Mauritius. Our in depth logistic expertise and logical approach to every consignment we handle, stand us out. We cater the export needs to Mauritius of the UK businesses of every shape and size. In fact, we render a customized service as per the requirements of our business clientele.

We manage cargo to Mauritius from UK, for companies trading in vehicle and mechanical components, electrical and electronic components and many consumer products. Traders repeat their cargo to Mauritius with US, not only due to high class service but also the rates that we offer. We are the most competitive in the business.

Our constant negotiation, long and strong ties, and bulk volume business to carriers make air cheap cargo to Mauritius a possibility. It is a win-win scenario for traders, as cheap cargo to Mauritius is ultimately a saving on their sales, and the same saving reflects on the profit column of their balance sheet.

Though a middle income country—Mauritius, attracts a heave of tourists every year. If we analyze records, we learn that the British citizens spend millions to have a vacation in this strategic country based amid the India Ocean. The traveling, of course, attracts the excess baggage to be transported to Mauritius, but when booked with tickets it costs fortunes.

Regal Cargo Send Cargo to Mauritius from UK

Regal Cargo is your answer, when you are seeking support to send your excess baggage to Mauritius from UK. We send you belonging with our cargo to Mauritius service. It is a cost effective solution and the most convenient way to send effects in large or small quantity.

Pace and reliability are the heart of the service. Addition of our tremendous customer support team provides the best experience to every client we serve. It is a core unit of professionals, who are well versed with the industry and lends their absolute support, in all the aspects of the shipment, in amiable fashion. They are the guiding path to send cargo to Mauritius from UK to you.

For further inquiries please call us on 020 3289 7868.


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Cargo to Mauritius from UK

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Cheap Cargo to Mauritius from UK

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