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Air Freight to Rwanda from UK | Cargo Delivery | Excess Baggage to Rwanda from UK

Air cargo to Rwanda from UK propels the mechanism of export and trade between the two nations. According to a UK government export report published in 2012, the bilateral trade in goods between Rwanda and Britain exceeded the £10 million mark. The figure reflects a remarkable growth and hints a brighter path for the UK exports, in the time to come.

One of the smallest nations in Africa, Rwanda is a landlocked territory thus air freight plays an essential role in hauling of goods.

After the political stability, especially the period following 1995, Rwanda has developed a favorable climate for doing business. As a result, many UK companies like De La Rue, Fusion Capital, Pfunda, Gisovu and Regus have cemented their place in the local market.

In the same way, a lot of UK companies exports their wares to Rwanda. These businesses export commodities such as mechanical and pharmaceutical products, power generating machinery, and general industrial machinery.

Regal Cargo Send Excess Baggage to Rwanda from UK

For these traders and merchants, Regal Cargo has been making exports easy, since more than five years. Air cargo to Rwanda from UK is our forte. And we are aware that every client has a unique requirement, so we mold a customize solution for cargo to Rwanda.

While we proffer a tailored service for cargo to Rwanda from UK, we conceit, doing it at economical rates without any give and take on the service. We are swift, reliable and approachable to your all queries.

Being a freight forwarding company, we acknowledge the fact of accounts; the mark a cheap cargo to Rwanda can leave on the ledger, it might not affect profits in a big way, but it will bring the costs down, that’s for sure.

And how we stay competitive? Well, it’s not a rocket science, and we feel free to share our endeavors with our esteem clients. To attain cheap air cargo to Rwanda, we proffer a hefty cargo loads to air cargo carriers, international freight forwarders, and freight services providers every day.

Adding to our varied array is our excellent customer support. They are experienced, skilled and amiable, and work as your personal guide from the commencement to delivery of the service.

Our priority is not just customer satisfaction but beyond.

To interact please call us at 020 3289 7868.

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Cargo to Rwanda from UK

cargo to Rwanda

Cargo to Rwanda


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Air Cargo to Rwanda from UK



Cargo to Rwanda from UK

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