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Air cargo to Qatar from UK is a chain that firmly binds the trade between the two countries. But all commenced after her independence on the 3rd day of September 1971 from the British. Thereafter Qatar has strengthened its ties with the Britain, and laying a path for a healthy business environment.  In fact, now, these nations share a strong UK-Qatar cultural ties as many Qatar nationals have completed their education in the UK, possess UK homes, and visit regularly.

At present a number of UK businesses operate in Qatar, and many home companies export their wares to Qatar.  By the British companies, major export to Qatar includes vehicles, aircraft and spacecraft part, electrical machinery, commodities, iron products, plastics, precision optical and medical equipment, machinery and medical appliances.

By means of air cargo to Qatar from UK, Regal Cargo has been helping these businesses to send these goods to the State of Qatar. We have been doing it successfully for more than half a decade.

Regal Cargo Send Cargo to Qatar from UK

We conceit, our reliability and it’s our USP too. How do we achieve it? Well, it is our well-established network in Qatar and in the UK makes it come true with ease. So if you have a business order ready for cargo to Qatar from. Do let us know!

You have different ways to hand over your cargo to Qatar to us, if you will, you can deposit your goods to our depot (there are about 25 of them spread across the UK), or you need a pick service, then allow us to get your order collected from your place.

Since profit lies at the heart of every business endeavor. Regal Cargo understands what influence a cheap air cargo to Qatar can leave on the profit ledger. Thus, we offer reasonable prices without compromising on the service.

We make it possible by infusing a largest quantity cargo load into the system of air cargo carriers, international freight forwarders, freight services vendors, and various freight forwarding agencies on a daily basis. The practice lets us bargain goods service for astonishing rates.

To discuss further, or to have a glance at prices for air cargo to Qatar call us at 020 3289 7868.


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