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In recent years, air cargo to Myanmar from UK has elevated. Reasons: The lift of sanctions in 2013, by the European Union and robust historical and trading ties with the UK, and appreciation of the British brands has created a smooth path for the UK trade to flourish in Myanmar.

Clutching on the opportunity, the traders of Britain have solidified their feet in the Myanmar market. Their major export consists of; heavy machinery, transport vehicles, auto parts, heavy machinery and more products.

To accomplish the exports to Myanmar, Regal Cargo extends its support to businesses and traders of all kinds. Be it a little e-commerce company, or a humongous exporter, we furnish a customized solution on our air cargo to Myanmar from UK service.

Our robust network all over the Burmese territory is our major strength. Matching this set up is our system of receiving centers stretched all over the UK. So when you book a cargo to Myanmar, you can choose to drop off your wares at one of them, they are twenty-five in number, located near all major International airports in Britain. To know your local center, pick up the phone and call now.

Regal Cargo Send Cargo to Myanmar from UK

On a versatile note, you can opt out from depositing your cargo to Myanmar at our depot; instead you can book a collection directly from your door. We require a notice of twenty four hours, to arrange a collection for the next working day, and it can be only collected on weekdays. So plan accordingly.

Regal Cargo has a knack of negotiating, and understands the difference of price and its effect on the profit and loss account. Therefore, we always endeavor to bring cheap air cargo to Myanmar.

With an experience of more than half a decade, and genuine business ties with international freight forwarders, air cargo carriers, freight services provider, and air freight consolidators help us get good prices. This eventually transforms into cheap cargo to Myanmar, and as a freight forwarding entity, we conceit to offer it to our valued customers.


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