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The demand for air cargo to Kenya from UK is at all time high due to expanding exports. A former colony to Britain; Kenya achieved its independence in the early sixties. After the triumph, the country has grown by leaps and bounds. In the current scenario Kenya stands tall with a title of being the highest GDP in Eastern and Central Africa.

With time traders from the UK have sought to explore the opportunity to export commodities, including Kenya; surveillance equipment, forensics equipment, surveillance equipment, Supply of Computers, equipment of development of digital content, infrastructure material supply, energy supply of equipment.

To fulfill the demands of these businesses Regal Cargo has been providing a custom solution by means of air cargo to Kenya. We have been successfully dispensing the service for cargo to Kenya to a varied array of trades for more than five years.

Regal Cargo Send Cargo to Kenya from UK

Regal Cargo values the importance of a cost effective service, thus we make sure that we bring you a cheap air cargo to Kenya from UK. And we achieve best available prices in the market, for this we work closely with the international freight forwarders, air cargo carriers, airlines and air freight solution providers and provide them with a cargo load in large volume.

As a responsible freight forwarding entity, Regal Cargo believes in laying down a podium which is safe, swift, secure and reliable with a vow of cheap cargo to Kenya. We make it possible by our extensive network, spread in Kenya. Additionally, a great support of our overseas agents assures that all shipments arrive and delivered with maximum efficiency. One of the major attractions of Kenya is tourism; from the UK there is a huge foot fall of tourist and travelers in Kenya which creates a need for sending baggage. Regal Cargo is flexible and offers a viable solution to send excess baggage to Kenya.

To top this our excellent customer support makes life easier for every air cargo to Kenya. Once you contact, our team of experts will walk you through every part of the service from start till end.

To know more details please call us on 020 3289 7868. 


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