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Air Freight to Malawi from UK | Cargo Delivery | Excess Baggage to Malawi from UK

Sending air cargo to Malawi from UK is straightforward with Regal Cargo. We have been catering to a varied business need and helping tourists, expats and students to transport their excess baggage to Malawi from UK for a number of moons.

With a wide local reach, Regal Cargo has a robust network spread all over Malawi. We operate at every customs parter airport in Malawi including Blayntre. So choose your destination airport for delivery and
book your cargo with us.

How to Book Shipment with Regal Cargo

We employ a simple booking practice for air cargo to Malawi. It lets our clients to start by sending an online inquiry. In response you will receive an email quotation with a booking form via email. Now you have prices, and if you wish to go ahead with rates, fill every required detail in the form and revert it. Thereafter, the Regal Cargo team will share payment invoice, which will be followed by labels. Print them and attach to your luggage/boxes and deliver your shipment for excess baggage to Malawi from UK at our depot. Be at the collection address in case you opt for the optional pick-up.

Futhermore, we lay much emphasis to a secure arrival of your air freight to Malawi from UK. To achieve this we work with the best carriers around, and employ top haulage brand in the market, thus, ensure every freight transaction is serene and satisfying.

Passengers are wanderers on tight budget, and every penny saved ultimately reflects on the profit sheet of businesses of all sizes and shapes. Regal Cargo aids both by providing reduced pricing. Therefore, we even keep the option open to negotiate with the carrier if your load is heavy in weight, and share cheap air cargo to Malawi with clients.

Throughout your cheap cargo to Malawi journey our team of qualified and highly experienced individuals act as your guide. Thus,you can get connected with them at 020 3289 7868. 

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